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Paint & Sip Workshop

Lavender Sky Farms hosted our first workshop this summer. Through the farmer’s market we’ve gotten to know some of our neighbors and were contacted about a paint and sip evening. We were thrilled to receive the request and immediately contacted Sally (local artist, owner of the Little Garden Co., and fantastic baker).

Sally prepared three different floral compositions for the group and gave step by step instruction to help everyone create their own masterpieces.

In the height of the summer, flowers were on all our minds - I mean how can they not be when on a lavender farm? So of course the first cards were a nod to our location and we could not be more flattered by the gorgeous renditions these ladies created.

Though of course they were not limited to lavender. Sally‘s extensive garden provides endless inspiration and as she reminded our little group, art doesn’t have to be true to life! Adding a mix of colors or tweaking the plants is simply another way to exercise our creativity. While everyone put their own spin on them, each card ended up being a showstopper!

We had a blast hosting these lovely ladies and look forward to our first public workshop on October 23, 2021. Space is limited so contact us for a seat in our fall wreath making workshop!

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