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1840's Farmhouse

Who We Are

How our Adventure Began

Doreen and her daughter Amanda embarked on this adventure by pursuing their passions. In 2016, Doreen and Amanda (together with their husbands) bought an 1840's farm that had been vacant for many years. They saw potential in this former dairy farm and began restoring the home and clearing the long overgrown fields.

With a lot of TLC, the lavender fields flourished. Doreen began with only two rows of six young lavender plants and after careful cultivation, now cares for over 130 plants.  Contact us to schedule a visit today!

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Meet the Team

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Doreen Gonzalez

Owner & Lavender Specialist

Doreen had the vision and spirit to first grow lavender. Her research and careful nurturing are responsible for the success of this endeavor.


Amanda Gaeta


Amanda is a Co-Owner of the farm and Doreen's eldest daughter. Amanda is both Doreen's business partner and co-visionary for the lavender business. Amanda is a huge fan of glitter and essential oils and helps to create all of our products.


Manny Gonzalez

Co-Owner, Tractor Procurer & Wine Afficionado

Without Manny, Lavender Sky Farm would never have gotten off the ground. He was the driving force behind looking for a property, making an offer, and seeing its potential. If you can dream it, he will make it happen - he is always on the lookout for new tools, equipment and additions to the farm and its future.  Most weekends find Manny on the tractor or hard at work on any number of projects at the farm. His most recent endeavors include planting a vineyard and building an elevated platform to listen to the sounds of the forest and look out over the pond.


Joe Gaeta

Co-Owner and Supporter

After asking Manny for permission to marry Amanda on the unplowed fields of Lavender Sky Farm, Joe knew he was in for an adventure. Joe appreciated the histoy of the property and set out to make something of the abandoned and overgrown fields. While not the biggest fan of chickens or lavender, Joe has taken charge of clearing and plowing the fields, exploring the wooded acres, and tackling any project thrown at him.


Mia Gonzalez

Farm Enthusiast and Member of Sixpence Candle Company

Mia is the youngest child of Doreen and Manny. When she isn't working as an occupational therapist in Ohio, Mia can be found offering a helping hand on the farm. Her hard-working, responsible and happy nature is always appreciated. She even applies her training and seeks new ways to make farming easier on our joints and muscles.
Most recently Mia is contributing candles to Lavender Sky Farms! Following her wedding to Matt, Mia’s sisters-in-law welcomed her into more than just the family by adding her to their candle company. 


Manny & Brittany

 Farm Life Contributors

Manny is Doreen and Manny's oldest child and his wife, Britt, is a joyful addition to the Gonzalez family. Manny and Brittany make the three-hour drive up to the family farm whenever they have an opportunity. Manny and Brittany offer much needed assistance and innovative ideas.

About: Team
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