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2022 and the Workshop is finally Open!

Lavender Sky Farms is so proud to announce that our workshop is finally open. Lavender Sky Farms held our first open house for friends and neighbors to stop in, shop, and see what we have to offer on August 28th.

We hope to see you on our deck soon!

Since then, Lavender Sky Farms together with the Little Garden Co. have held Fall Craft Workshops on September 17th and 24th.

Our next event is scheduled for November 5th and we can't wait to see you there!

Can't make it? Don't worry, we have a bath bomb workshop planned in the spring and a lavender wreath class in the summer! The shop is also open during all of our events. This season we are excited to offer an assortment of holiday gift baskets combining items from our partnerships with Sixpence Candle Co and the Little Garden Co.

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