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Flock Update!

This year we are excited to introduce polish chickens to our flock! These youngsters, or the "chicklets" as we like to call them, have some elaborate plumage. While still too young to introduce fully, this weekend they were moved into the coop where they can adjust to their new home and get to know the older ladies.

(This photo is from when we first picked up the chicklets!)

Because chickens do establish a "pecking order", we keep have to keep the chicklets in a dog crate to protect them from being pecked by the more mature ladies. Once they have reached their adult sizes, at about 12 weeks, we can fully integrate them. Thanks to the generosity of our neighbors, we were able to upgrade the laying boxes in the coop, install additional water heater, heat lamp, feeders and water dispensers just in time for the winter. A huge thank you to Lydia and Frank for their donations.

They say it takes a village to raise a child and our chicklets are certainly benefitting from the connections we have made up here!

We also cleaned out the coop and added fresh bedding for the winter!

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