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2020 The Anti-prohibition Decade

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

We’re planting a vineyard! That’s right, Lavender Sky Farms has ordered our first grape vines. At the end of 2019, we began preparing the soil for our spring planting. To create a better PH balance fir the grapes, we added lime to the soil and turned over the earth where the vines will be planted. Because of our location, planting at Lavender Sky Farm is later in the year - usually around Father’s day weekend, making planting our vineyard a family affair.

While our little vines are expected to produce their first vintage in seven years, we thought we’d get started using borrowed grapes to learn the process. Co-owner Manny is eager to start his journey as a vintner and will be testing out his wine making skills this summer.

This past December, Manny got his first vinter's kit and he is looking forward to experimenting. More photos and updates to come once the plants arrive!

UPDATE: the vines were planted and came back in 2021!

it was touch and go for a bit as we weren’t sure the vines would make it through their first winter. next year we will aim to install deer fencing but for this first full year we didn’t mind keeping them in their protective tubing. the deer ate any growth beyond the tubing but at this young age it is actually helpful to redirect the plants‘ energy toward their root systems.

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