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Our Debut at the Kauneonga Lake Farmer's Market!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

This past Saturday, June 26, 2021, was a big day for Lavender Sky Farms. We were understandably a bit nervous about the reception, but are thrilled to report that it was a complete success. The other vendors welcomed us with open arms and we got to meet more of our neighbors as well as friends of families up for the weekend. For those of you new to the Farmer's Market scene, set up begins bright and early at 8:00am and the stalls must be ready for customers by 10:00 am. While that sounds like plenty of time to erect a tent, unfold a table, and lay out our products, for our first time we certainly appreciated the time to figure everything out. We share our stall with the Little Garden Co., owned by our good friend Sally Brown, who was a bit more used to the market scene. Sally's set up gave us some great ideas for future events. Sally sells dried floral arrangements and hand painted crafts that play wonderfully with our products and so we hope our joint endeavors offer a relaxing respite for people to stop and peruse the displays and smell the lavender!

Back to our adventures for the day...

So anxiously tweaking our displays and straightening tablecloths we all gathered in our stall and told ourselves this was an adventure so even if we didn't make a single sale, we were realizing our goal and had a table full of products to show how hard we have worked for the last few years to start our own business. And as we were each fervently hoping to make a sale, we smiled at one another and reassured each other that it would be okay if we didn't. As luck would have it, our very first customer showed up and made a purchase two minutes before our official opening at 10:00!

After that it was full steam ahead and we didn't have a chance to sit down. Doreen's sister, Tiffany, was up for the weekend with her husband Darryl and they helped with all of the set up and sales. Amanda's father and Doreen's husband Manny was, as always, instrumental in making everything happen. Tiffany's energy was unflagging and desperately needed as Amanda had her hands full between speaking with customers and keeping an eye on her ten- month old son Lucas. Lucas thoroughly enjoyed the market, getting a new outfit and book from Kip Casson's neighboring stall and playing with the drums and instruments laid out by the band. Doreen picked up the slack when Amanda was on baby duty and managed the stall from the beginning to the end! By the time 1:00 pm rolled around, we were all a little weary, but also filled with pride. Lavender Sky Farms is officially in business. We cannot thank our first customers and fellow vendors enough for all of their support.

We hope to continue to get to know our community better over the course of the summer. While we won't be back next weekend, due to a wedding, we will be back the following week! Our insect repellent rollerballs with a custom label will be making an appearance at the wedding and we hope to share photos of those next!

P.S. An extra big shout out to Tiffany, Darryl, and Manny, we couldn't have done this without the support of our family!

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