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Our New Partnership!

This summer we debuted at the Kauneonga Lake Farmer’s Market and most recently at the Bethel Woods Harvest Festival. We met many vendors, neighbors, and visitors - many of whom we have continued to develop relationships with. It wasn’t until the very last weekend of the farmer‘s market and our second day at the Harvest Festival that we were able to introduce Sixpence Candles into the mix, but better late than never!

While many of our blog posts focus on the mother daughter duo Doreen and Amanda, Doreen’s other daughter, Mia, is bringing candles to Lavender Sky Farms! Mia got engaged earlier this year and was welcomed into the Sixpence Candle Co., which is owned and operated by two of her future sisters-in-law. We are thrilled to finally be able to respond ”yes“ to the many inquiries we have received about whether we will be selling candles! Mia has been learning the trade and brought a wonderful assortment of autumnal scents and spa quality staples!

Mia not only made many of these candles but she also drove them to us from Hicksville, Ohio, where she and her fiancé’s family live. While Sixpence does not ship out to New York directly, we are happy to stock them in our workshop. Follow Sixpence Candle Company on Facebook to see their full collection of candles. Unfortunately, Mia can’t drive out to visit us every weekend, as much as we wish she would, but feel free to contact us with any requests for scents we may not carry!

All Sixpence candles are made with natural soy wax and the mason jar candles burn cleanly for 60 hours (the smaller tins burn for approximately 30 hours)! These girls have mastered the candle craft and we are so thankful that Ashley and Tori took Mia under their wing!

Autumn Flannel is Amanda’s personal favorite of this year’s seasonal scents!

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